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Annual Report

An Annual Report is published in April every year (since 1990) in time for the Members Evening.

Copies of the report are given/sent out to all paid-up members of the group each April. Back issues for some years may still be available from the Groups Secretary Barry Dickerson.

Each year members are invited to submit articles of interest to the Group for publication in the report. These should be sent/emailed to Barry Dickerson.

Articles and site reports should be on the Lepidoptera of Huntingdonshire or on Lepidoptera more generally. Reports on foreign trips may also be submitted. The report usually runs to about 70 pages.

The contents page of more recent Annual Reports can be viewed from the links below:-



Ideally at least two Newsletters are produced each year – but there has been a bit of a gap with last one being produced in October 2005! This should soon be rectified.

PDFs of the old newsletters can be downloaded below:-

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