Sites Especially Good for Identification

UK Butterflies (Peter Eales) - An excellent site to help with identification of butterflies and other information.

British Butterflies (Steven Cheshire) - A site that is good for butterfly ID etc.

Jack Harrison’s Butterfly Photo Gallery - Another useful site to help with butterfly identification.

ukmoths (Ian Kimber) - An excellent site to help with the ID of moths, including micro-moths and other information.

UK Lepidoptera (Jeff Higgott) - A good identification website (mainly Suffolk).

Hants Moth Group (Mike Wall)

Northamptonshire Moth Group

Back Garden Moths - Very useful for common (mostly) moths likely to come to a light trap.

Eggs, Larvae & Pupae of British Moths (Reg Fry) - An excellent site for identifying the immature stages of British Lepidoptera. Many excellent photos and constantly being added-to.

Moths and butterflies of Northern Ireland (Robert Thompson)

British Leafminers - An excellent site for leafmine identification and information.

Cambs Moth Gallery

Lepidoptera Discussion Groups

UKtransect discussion egroup for butterfly transect walkers and those using the computer software Transect Walker (available free from Butterfly Conservation).

Ukmoths - discussion egroup for moths. On this, UK-Leps and ukmicromoths, if you use a digital camera (or digitise your slides) you can upload your pictures onto the website and get a same day identification of any of your doubtfuls or unknowns from one of the many experts on the group.

UK-Leps - discussion egroup for Lepidoptera but especially butterflies.

Ukmicromoths - discussion egroup for micromoths

Cammoths - Discussion group for moths AND butterflies of Cambridgeshire.

Entomological Equipment and Books

Anglian Lepidopterist’s Supplies - Good prices for most entomological equipment.

Watkins and Doncaster – natural history equipment. THE place for a kite net. Tend to be more expensive than at least some other entomological dealers, but good quality.

Pemberley Books - specialist natural history booksellers.

Pennine Books - Paul Talbot, natural history bookseller.

Johnson Insect Cages & Moth Traps

Other Useful Sites

Butterfly Conservation’s website - the (free) Transect Walker software can be downloaded from here.

UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme

National Biodiversity Network

Biological Records Centre - for details of recording schemes and other information relating to biological recording.

UK Biodiversity Action Plan

MapMate recording software - For computerising all your records. Easy to use, will run on most (any?) computer. Not just for Lepidoptera records, but many other groups of taxa too.

Atropos - An excellent magazine for Lepidoptera and Odonata.

Entomologist’s Record and Journal of Variation

Amateur Entomologist’s Society

British Entomological and Natural History Society

Hunts Fauna & Flora Society

The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Peterborough

Hunts Fungus Group

Get-a-map (Ordnance Survey) - Helpful for finding grid references


Google Earth - Download the free version of Google Earth to your PC and you can view anywhere in the world. Excellent for determining Latitude / -Longitude readings for anywhere you go. Fantastic resource.

European Moths and Butterflies

Marku Savela’s (Finland) excellent website of European moths and butterflies

Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa

Butterfly Recording Scheme for Cyprus (Eddie John)

Butterflies of Bulgaria (Zrdavko Kolev)

Lepiforum - Bestimmung von Schmetterlingen (Lepidoptera) und ihren Präimaginalstadien