Tortricidae: Olethreutinae

1232 (ABH49.372) Pammene populana, (Fabricius, 1787)



General Information
Wingspan: 10-12mm
Foodplant(s): willows (Salix spp.), sallows (Salix spp.), Creeping Willow (Salix repens), Osier (Salix viminalis)
Flying: One generation, July-August
National status: Nationally Scarce B


Woodland, fens, marshes, lakesides and sandhills.

Regional Information

Recorded in 2 (0.7%) of the 270 2km squares of Huntingdonshire.

Last recorded in August 2003

Recorded date range (Adult): 03 August to 03 August

Nationally Scarce B