0596 (ABH38.024) Elachista poae, Stainton, 1855



General Information

Characteristic sharply angled median fascia edged with dark ground colour.

Larvae create a narrow mine downwards until reaching water surface, when either returns upward or changes leaf.

Wingspan: 9-12mm
Foodplant(s): Reed Sweet-grass (Glyceria maxima)
Flying: Two generations, May-June and August


borders of ponds, lakes and slow moving streams where foodplant grows in standing water.

Regional Information

Recorded in 4 (1.5%) of the 270 2km squares of Huntingdonshire.

Last recorded in April 2021

Recorded date range (Adult): 24 May to 25 July

Recorded date range (Larva/Leafmine): 15 April to 15 April

Similar Species
 Photo © David Griffiths