Tortricidae: Tortricinae

0981 (ABH49.016) Rose Tortrix Archips rosana, (Linnaeus, 1758)


Monks Wood
Monks Wood
 Photo © Nick Greatorex-Davies
Monks Wood
 Photo © Nick Greatorex-Davies

General Information

This species is strongly sexually dimorphic. The males are more brightly marked than the females and the females don't have a costal fold but have a protruding apex on the forewing.


This species can be distinguished from A. crataegana as it is smaller and has an unbroken median fascia.

Overwinters as Overwinters as an egg.

Wingspan: male 15-18mm, female 17-24mm.
Foodplant(s): Raspberry (Rubus idaeus), cultivated roses (Rosa spp.), fruit trees
Flying: One generation, July-September
National status: Common

Regional Information

Recorded in 21 (7.8%) of the 270 2km squares of Huntingdonshire.

Last recorded in July 2023

Recorded date range (Adult): 07 June to 01 October

Recorded date range (Larva/Leafmine): 09 May to 09 May

Similar Species
 Photo © Barry Dickerson
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Larva Type:
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