Gracillariidae: Lithocolletinae

0361 (ABH15.083) Phyllonorycter trifasciella, (Haworth, 1828)



General Information

This species is unusual among the Phyllonorycters in that it has three generations.


The larvae initially produce a twisting leaf mine, later producing a cone.

Wingspan: 7-8mm
Foodplant(s): honeysuckles (Lonicera spp.), Himalayan Honeysuckle (Leycesteria formosa), Snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus)
Flying: Three generations, May, August and November
UK Presence: Resident
National status: Common

Regional Information

Recorded in 26 (9.6%) of the 270 2km squares of Huntingdonshire.

Last recorded in September 2020

Recorded date range (Adult): 19 May to 04 November

Recorded date range (Larva/Leafmine): 10 September to 28 October

Similar Species
Leaf mine on Alder underside view
Leaf mine on Alder underside view
 Photo © Barry Dickerson