Geometridae: Ennominae

1924 (ABH70.230) Orange Moth Angerona prunaria, (Linnaeus, 1758)



General Information

There are two main forms of this species. In one form, the male is orange and the female is pale yellow. In f. corylaria the orange ground colour is restricted to the central bands and is of variable size.


Pupates between spun leaves.

Overwinters as Overwinters as a larva.
Both sexes come to light, males more often than females.
Often disturbed during day

Forewing length: 20-30mm.
Foodplant(s): hawthorns (Crataegus spp.), Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), birches (Betula spp.), Heather (Calluna vulgaris), Broom (Cytisus scoparius), herbaceous plants
Flying: One generation, late June-July
UK Presence: Resident
National status: Local


Old established woodland and heathland.

Regional Information

Recorded in 5 (1.9%) of the 270 2km squares of Huntingdonshire.

Last recorded in June 1963

Recorded date range (Adult): 16 June to 27 July

Recorded date range (Larva/Leafmine): 22 June to 22 June

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 Photo © Peter Bissell
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Larva Type:
With lumps, bumps or horn(s)
No. of Proleg Pairs: